How To Order

Adding Products to your Cart

  1. Browse through our collections. Click on a product to see its details. You will be directed to the product details page.
  2. The product details page contains its overall information as well as the Add to Cart button. Click this button to start ordering. This is also where you can indicate how many pieces you want to order by adding it to your cart.

Completing your order

  1. Once you're done shopping, you can now proceed to placing an order. Click the Cart Icon on the top right of the page. You will be directed to your cart.
  2. Your cart will show all the products you have selected, the quantities you have chosen to order and the cost. From this page, you will see the Check Out button.
  3. Click the Check Out button to finalize your purchase.
  4. You will be directed to the Customer Information page. Here you will give your contact information and delivery address. To proceed, click on Shipping Method to know the charge for shipment. This will be added to your total cost.
  5. Click on Payment Method. Select one method and fill in the necessary information. Finally, click on Complete Transaction